PET Rally Finland /
development test on gravel surface in Finland

At the summer season we organice rally tests on similar road´s than in Rally Finland, most of our road´s are former special stages of Rally Finland or it´s predecessor 1000 Lakes Rally.

All of our ~60 test road´s are listed and categorized in our Extranet

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PET Rally Sweden /
Development test on snow/ice surface in Finland

At the winter season we organice rally tests on similar road´s than in Rally Sweden, location is at the Keuruu where we have contract for former military training area roads with Metsähallitus what is a state-owned enterprise and it administers more than 12 million hectares of state-owned land and water areas.

Keuruu Test area includes ~18km similar road options than in Rally Sweden. General information link on below

> Keuruu Test area

Other location is at Korpilahti, where we have contract with several road maintenance committee for rally test use with good service base facilities at the winter season.

Rally Organicing & preparations / Consulting

If You have needs for expert work with Your rally event don´t hesitate to take contact.

International Project Management Association´s Level C – certification for the Project Management with Microsoft Project and – Teams – tools will help You through Your event organicing, we can lead Your project succesfully.

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